The Roman Catholic Mass is one of the most DIABOLICAL TEACHINGS of the church of Rome, but the modern day ”church” rarely utters a word about this SOUL DAMNING doctrine. The Roman Catholic Church teaches that their ”Mass” actually satisfies the justice of God for sins committed against him! [The New St Joseph Baltimore Catechism, Item# 361] It is absolutely amazing that Rome is still promoting this false teaching to this very day. Countless people have been martyred for standing against this false teaching in centuries gone by, but in our modern day,”on fire” Pastors and ”Christian” leaders simply wear a ”professional” plastic smile and gather in ecumenical, interfaith meetings together with the Roman Catholic people. I truly believe that the Catholic Charismatic ”movement” FOOLED a ton of people, because it seemed as if they were ”just like the rest of us” in their worship, and faith. I know because I was in that same Catholic Charismatic ”movement” BUT the truth of God’s Word delivered me and MOVED me out of the Catholic church. Do not be FOOLED, because the Charismatic Catholics are still Roman Catholics, and they STILL pray to MARY, STILL attend the CATHOLIC MASS and everything else. In fact when I fellowshipped with the Catholic Charismatic crowd, my worship of Mary actually increased UNTIL God’s Word opened my spiritual eyes as the Lord anointed His own Word, by his Holy Spirit of truth! Glory to His name! The major problem is that there is very little DISCERNMENT with the compromising Pastor’s and they are responsible for millions being led astray! The compromising leadership will disguise their own compromise, and apostasy, by calling it ”LOVE.” The Devil LOVES every minute of it, because he is the one who is behind the whole thing! The Devil has been leading millions into an eternal hell, because he has tens of thousands of so called ”Christian” Pastors and preachers, who refuse to speak out AGAINST Rome, because they have been ENSNARED in SATAN’S DEMONIC NOOSE. The word for SNARE in the following verse is the Hebrew word MOWQESH which is defined as follows: MOWQESH: a noose (for catching animals) (literally or figuratively): by implication, a hook (for the nose):–be ensnared, gin, (is) snare(-d), trap. The fear of man bringeth a SNARE: but whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe. (Proverbs 29:25)


Pope Francis Declares Lucifer as God and One World Religion