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Part One: The Pandemic Illusion

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– In which I provide statistical data that the covid-19 pandemic is a political disease and not a biological one, which is why more than 80% of all covid-19 infections and more than 90% of all covid-19 deaths have occurred in the G20 nations.

Kevin Galalae – The Subversion of Medicine and Public Health by International Security

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– This is one of the only videos I managed to save before youtube took down the great work of Kevin Galalae. Their silencing of his work validates its significance. Please take the time to consider sharing this among your friends and family. Download it and share it to any and all who may find interest. We have the free will to choose to be animals, or angels.
Kent Hovind Creation Seminar (1 of 7)

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New World Order Bible Versions Full Movie Pastor Steven L Anderson