Another Hidden Tax – Halal Certification

Halal meat as is understood these days is a term used more often for commercial profits than religious observance. Those who call their meat halal, are in some way insinuating that any other meat is not halal, or specifically that other meat sold in other butchers or supermarket (in the western countries) is not halal. But when we analyse the Quranic verses (below) we find that these sellers are in fact deceiving the uninformed Muslims into believing that their meat is the only halal meat for the Muslims.

–  Muslims do not require halal certified food at all as they are free to eat anything that isn’t deemed haram yet increasingly ALL our food is ‘halal.’   The Australian population is being ripped off with the compliance of slaughter houses and manufacturers for they now carryout processes which are inspected by a Muslim and a Muslim group issues a halal certification certificate if it complies with Sharia — and YOU pay for this although YOU, the ordinary Australian do NOT require your food production to comply with Sharia and YOU do NOT require halal certification.   You may want to avoid this rort by avoiding halal food BUT many immoral food manufacturers, while complying with and paying for the Islamic certification system, lack the moral responsibility to inform the public and don’t label their food as halal.  Australia is a SECULAR nation and we should not under any circumstances be complying with the insane religious food laws of Islam or allowing Sharia to be enforced over us by stealth.  How have food producers been co-opted as agents of Islamization and pathways to transfer an Islamic religious food tax from unwilling consumers to Islamic groups? LINK


What is halal certification?

  • Halal certification is a relatively recent practice, only widely introduced and accepted since the 1970’s. It has become a very lucrative money making scheme that raises millions of dollars every year to fund the promotion of Sharia.