Episode 5: The Random Murder of Melissa Ketunuti

Melissa started medical school at Washington University in 2001 with the hopes of becoming a surgeon. While taking classes there, she fell in love with pediatrics in underprivileged countries and saw this as a way to make a difference in the world. Her family and friends were not surprised that she no longer wanted to be a surgeon because Melissa was selfless and gentle. She wasn’t becoming a doctor for the money, but rather to help save lives in areas that don’t have many resources. She was very considerate with people and if one of her patients said a word incorrectly, rather than correct them, she would also say the word incorrectly so the patient didn’t feel uncomfortable. 

Melissa transferred to Stanford Medical School where she received a Fogarty Ellison Scholarship in 2005 that allowed her to travel to Botswana for research. She spent a year in Botswana with some of the world’s sickest children affected by HIV/AIDS. Her time there greatly impacted her perspective of life, and she was planning to return to continue research. She graduated from Stanford in 2007 and moved onto her next adventure.

She transferred to Washington D.C. to start her first year surgery residency until she was able to find something closer to what she wanted to do. In 2008 she was able to transfer to Pennsylvania for her remaining 3 years in pediatrics residency at Children’s Hospital where she finished her residency in 2011. After her residency, she continued to work for the Children’s Hospital, completing her fellowship in infectious diseases, and pursuing a Masters in Clinical Epidemiology at the Perelman School of Medicine.

Phila. doctor found dead, bound and burned

Firefighters responded to a home in downtown Philadelphia on Jan. 21, 2013 where they found the body of 35-year-old Melissa Ketunuti on fire in the basement, with her ankles and wrists bound. The body was found with a rope around the neck and police believe she was strangled. Ketunuti was a second-year infectious diseases fellow and researcher at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.


THEME OF DEFENSE DRMA NASA: Within a year, 74 scientists of this facility died under suspicious circumstances

For example, there is Alberto Behar, who died in a plane crash in Los Angeles in 2015. Behar was a leading scientist who found evidence of the presence of water on Mars. He was also a robotics expert who explored how robots work in harsh conditions such as underwater or volcanoes.

It is strange that in recent years there have been 74 NASA scientists who have lost their lives and died in an accident or suicide. This plague has raised many questions in public. It was common for all of them to be top engineers or medical experts, and everyone died in indefinite circumstances. To name just a few of the scientists who have lost their lives.

Glen Tomas and Jep Lange were at the MH17, which fell over the eastern Ukraine in 2014. Tomas and Lange prepared a speech on Ebola and AIDS, but they died before arriving at the conference. Dr. En Sarevski, 53, was a world expert in cervical cancer and found a cervical cancer vaccine. Of all the dead scientists found, the most controversial is the tragic death of electrical engineer Shane Truman. His body was left behind in a morgue in Singapore.

At that time, Truman developed a special device for China called the Defense Weapon. His family later said he was worried about his life because he allegedly threatened US national security with his job. The last working day in China was found dead. His family sought answers and launched a campaign to find out the truth. Although Chinese officials have promised to investigate whether it is murder or suicide, they have never received an answer.

This is only a small part of the big puzzle of NASA scientists. All death lists were scientists who discovered and performed ”particularly important experiments”.

After all, the logical question is whether their loss was accidental fate or whether their death had something to do with what they knew, so their mouths had to be closed. The conspiracy theorists suspect that these people have learned something sensitive, and the US government did not want it to be discovered.


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