Baghdadi & Israeli Secret Intelligence service (ISIS)


«One might assert that accusing Israel of training agents to infiltrate Arab organizations is “anti-Semitic” with this exception, they admit that not only do they do it all the time, but that this is a primary Mossad purpose – wrote Gordon Duff, former marines, intelligence consultant and senior editor of american military intelligence website Veterans Today – Israeli operatives fill the ranks of Hamas and Hezbollah, ISIS and al Qaeda. In some cases dozens have been executed but, as had come to the surface in 2014, one stood out above the rest, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi or as he had been exposed, Shimon Elliot»

«Veterans Today broke the story on August 4, 2014, based on French reports and an alleged confirmation by Edward Snowden that Baghdadi was the British born son of Jewish parents, trained from early life in a well known Mossad program to place sleeper agents within key Arab nations – reads on VT – In this case, Shimon Elliott became “al Baghdadi” in Iraq under a fake identity and was laundered through an American prison to be the actor commanding the long proven fake “Islamic State” that appeared from nowhere fighting the battles of Israel and America’s neocon right».


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