– April 2, 2012.  A prophecy received by Maurice Sklar.
 Dear Friends,

This evening, while watching the news concerning the Supreme Court and Obama’s recent rants against them, the Lord spoke to me and said:

Pride goes before a fall.  President Obama has overstepped his authority, and I will humble and judge him before the entire nation.”I have never heard the Lord speak to me concerning His judging Obama.

I did hear the Lord speak to me that HE was judgment on America when he [Obama] was elected.BUT … God’s people have been obeying 2nd Chronicles 7:14 to humble ourselves and pray … and GOD IS ANSWERING!

I am telling you by the Holy Spirit …

Obama’s days are numbered.Just watch what happens now … there has been a victory in the Spirit, and there may yet be a turn of the tide concerning America.

I pray that God would give us a little more time.

This is the first encouraging word I have had about America in a long time.  Praise the Lord!

I was instructed also to release this word immediately, so … I have done so.  Amen.